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Remote maintenance

With the conclusion of our proven PC remote maintenance contract, you receive a variety of benefits that are worthwhile and worth seeing.
We set up remote access on your premises in accordance with current security regulations. Maintenance software is installed on the workstations that are to be serviced remotely. If problems occur on the computer, the user has a question about a message or a program, we connect to the respective computer and the user can follow what is happening live. In this way, you can have us solve minor problems or answer questions about applications quickly and easily.
Remote maintenance is also suitable for servers and computers that cannot be maintained during working hours and where downtime must be kept to a minimum. After arrangement we accomplish these maintenance also outside of your business hours, without which a technician is locally, and thus your company must be also occupied. Talk to us about these and other advantages as well as the additional services and securities of the remote maintenance contract!

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